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how much I need to charged to chain a rear differential. ford f50 2000. thanks
I've got a 2000 f150 4 wheel drive 5.4L automatic the shift solenoid needs replacing, does it have the pack or single solenoids
Replaced plugs & wires on all cyls. Now it is setting code po306, po171, p0174. Checked compression on #6 its ok. Engine is still running rough.
Our 4.2L V6 blew yesterday and I need to replace the long block. If I purchase a Ford 300 V6, will it mount into the transmission we currently have in the truck? It is the stock standard manual 6 speed tranny that cam...
I have a 2000-F150 extended cab, 6 cyl- 5 speed that was recently in for brakes. ($840.00 Canadian estimated, all 4 wheels Disk front, drum back). The dealer has informed me I need a whole new front end, bushings, t...
I just replaced the lifters and did a complete tune-up on my f-150, it is still tapping, and now the oil pressure is dropping when i stop, what could this be? any ideas?
I keep getting a tps code p0122. I have traced all wiring and check voltage at pcm. I am recieving .7 volts instead of 5.0. I have ordered a new pcm, used with same model as mine. will I need to get it flashed, is...