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Jump in the truck, starts right up, drive to destination, shut off,take care of business, truck must now cool off from normal operating temp...hour to an hour and half, befor it will start up so you can leave. ???? It...
Want to depressurize fuel line to change fuel filter
What cause my air to change form the vent to defrost when i accelerate? I have a 98 f150 ford .
retailer is suggesting changing oil to high milage synthetic oil in my truck with 197,000 miles. Is that a wise move?
I know no fluid means money 4 new 1 I don't have and need truck 2 survive. Could 800lb load cause stinger 2 be lower than pan and leak out it
It starts but will not stay running
I have power to my relay, replaced the relay but have now power on the green and yellow striped wire running to my inertia switch, any ideas or recommended fixes?
Truck fires when fuel poured into throttlebody. When key turned cant hear new fuel pump. Any and all detailed help much appreciated. thank you
when I pull the door handle to open the side doors of my F-150 conversion van, it does not work.