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4 wheel drive light flashes but will stop if lights are turned on.Check engine light says on also.
changed timing cover didnt check postion when pulled out
how to clear an airlock on my truck or the cost to have it done
i have a 1997 ford f-150 v6 4.2 and the problem i am having is when it idles it jumps between 500 and 700 rpm and acts like it wants to shut off and when its in gear at a red light it does the same and then i push m...
Is it the head gasket leaking/ Thought it was rear seal but seems to be dripping from motor and running extremely rough.
after changing the blend door,,, still not heat.. but know the gear arm is .. like jello.. found broken cable ,, however can not locate where it connects to.. pls help..
Does the 1997 have a light on the dash when you turn off the overdrive or is it on the control only?
I have replaced Mass Air Flow and changed fuel filter .The truck seems to run alright but the lite comes on every 20 miles or so.
what could make my rpms go down and then shut of the truck when stoped
blower works but no a/c or heat.....any ideas?
when I acclarate in 4th and 5th gears the pick-up misses sometimes backfiring
how do i change the front turn signal in my 1997 f-150 (driver side)
How do you remove the back seat in my 1997 ford f150 extended cab
My driver door window will not roll down. How do you remove the driver side door panel in my 1997 f150?