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Standerd trany all fluids sposibly changs think its a badd coil pack cosing misfire
Truck will shift fine when first started and while driven but, after several miles, the OD light on the gear lever will flash (indicating there is an issue) and it will shift very hard during normal driving through al...
heat works when I take a hard left, then I need to becareful when I turn right,to keep heat.its colder now and not so good anymore, core hoses are hot all of the time, when I turn the temp knob in either direction can...
turning it off for short time then back on helps sometime. have new blend door motor?
Check grounds. Replaced ing. Switch
Checked ground to chassis and engine. Some fuses no power no vehicle Manuel to see what these fuses control, fuses good
Is it the turn signal switch? And how much is the average repair cost? If the steering wheel is all the way up no problem. Steering wheel down even a little no blinkers!
replaced gas cap replaced cat. convertor. replace the vavle at cannister. had evap test can find smoke can it be another vavle or a sensor that is not reading on codes? cannister control vavle maybe. before replacin...
i just put a flowmaster super 10 on my truck and its single inlet dual outlet and i wanna know how much it would probably cost me to run the tail pipe from the exhaust to strait out under my bumper
Sqeeky noise when turning while standing, tire edge wear, loose steering.