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looking for info to replace heater core on this model only
Does the 1997 have a light on the dash when you turn off the overdrive or is it on the control only?
When driving 60 mph my rpm's go high up to 4000 rpm. What is my problem?
What would make an engine start making a knocking sound?
while driving I can hear noise coming from the drivers side front wheel
Immediately after starting my truck and backing down the driveway, every time I touch the steering wheel and manuever the truck into the street, the front end sounds like it has never been lubed. It creaks and groans...
How much cost to replace A/C Compressor?
I have replaced Mass Air Flow and changed fuel filter .The truck seems to run alright but the lite comes on every 20 miles or so.
ok I jacked up the truck and took rear wheel off turned o the truck on and pumped the breaks and fluid was squirting out of the line where the frame is its a metal line is this gonna be a cheap and easy fix wanting s...
I pressed my brake pedal and it went to the floor and my ABS and brake light came on. I checked my brake fluid and it was low I added some fluid and when I was pumping the brakes I could hear air from the drivers side...
what could make my rpms go down and then shut of the truck when stoped
how much does it typically cost to replace the timing chain tensioner and/or guides
blower works but no a/c or heat.....any ideas?
have replaced egr valve, sensor, and hoses and still have check engine light with code 401 showing. What is the problem.
`where is the abs module located on 97 ford f-150 2wd