took my guy a week i figured a day maybe two

how many oxygen sensors

no codes shown however motor has miss all defected coils replaced. hose on back of intake manifold missing cant find where it goes

IS this the ame problem as the 2007 exploer has the symtoms on the 2007 explorer recall are the same as on my 1997 F150 thx Rick

iwas at a friends house pulled in shut my truck off. when i restarted it ther was a pop and it wouldn't idle. i have to keep pumping the gas pedal to keep it running.it runs okay just won't idle

my truck has been sitting for about 6 months during winter months in oregon when i started it up and took it for a spin it ran great but when i braked the pedal wouldnt retract i oiled linkage but to no avail

wont go into drive but will go into reverse?

what will it cost to replace the starter on my 1997 ford F-150 V8 truck

F150 v 8 4.3 liter . Seems to be shifter is not engaging.

have trouble startin it when i have drove it a while only once and a while also its got a sputter

I have a 1997 F150 4x4 that has developed a shimmy problem at 35mph & above. It has new ball joints & stablizer bars installed about 18 months ago. What is most likely cause?

I have a ground wire that burned into. Wire is connected to the fire wall,but I cannot find were it goes to. I have brought two batteries and two starters. Need to know were this ground wire goes.

When I turn the heater on regardless of how long I let the Truck warm-up it still blows cold air. How big of a repair job would this be?

Light stays on for about 2 mins and goes off when driving, and internal cab alarm stays on when driver side door is open with engine off.

estimate to replace transmission pan gasket and filter