1997 Ford F-150 Questions

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i try to read the codes but there was no codes for emissions what could be the problem truck is 1997 v6 ford f.150 pick up

will not show any code. what would be the most common problem?

auto trans

i just put a flowmaster super 10 on my truck and its single inlet dual outlet and i wanna know how much it would probably cost me to run the tail pipe from the exhaust to strait out under my bumper

Do I need special tools toreplace motor and is it time consuming?

Comes back on shortly after I reset the OBD tool.

Where is this and how hard is it to change?

Sqeeky noise when turning while standing, tire edge wear, loose steering.

i bypassed the thermal limiter by unplugging it and switching the fan speed to high and it still does it

replaced fuel filter still having problems

I think My head Gasket is blown. iM BLOWING wHITE sMOKE. hAS THERE BEEN A Re-call

4 wheel drive light flashes but will stop if lights are turned on.Check engine light says on also.

what could be the problem

i can only put 10 characters i cant enter my question with 10 characters

but the truck run good but cel on show code po401