Where is this and how hard is it to change?

Sqeeky noise when turning while standing, tire edge wear, loose steering.

i bypassed the thermal limiter by unplugging it and switching the fan speed to high and it still does it

replaced fuel filter still having problems

I think My head Gasket is blown. iM BLOWING wHITE sMOKE. hAS THERE BEEN A Re-call

4 wheel drive light flashes but will stop if lights are turned on.Check engine light says on also.

what could be the problem

i can only put 10 characters i cant enter my question with 10 characters

but the truck run good but cel on show code po401

engine needs valve jobs and head gasket

changed timing cover didnt check postion when pulled out

how to clear an airlock on my truck or the cost to have it done

Ok, my truck was rear ended whil parked in front of my house, part of the damage was to the rear end, she hit my left tire which bent the leaf springs and tweeked the rear end. I also noticed that the check engine light is on and the overdrive switch on the shifter is blinking. Her insurance company says this wasn't caused by the accident, I say bullshit, I've never had any problems with this truck.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I need ammunition for the upcoming battle with her insurance company.

code p1451 come up not sure what part to use a few similar come up

Tranny has droplets of fluid on front of pan.This is a 4.2 automatic shift 2 wheel drive. TOOK A TRIP ABOUT 300 MILES THEN NOTICED IT WAS LEAKING IT WAS OK BEFORE THE TRIP.