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we just replaced the blend door actuator, as we were putting the dash back together, occassionally we tested the heater and everything worked great. As we finished putting the dash together the blower motor stopped wo...
Mechanically. Please tell me the exact difference between a 4.6 windsor and a 4.6 romeo. Also which is the preferred item and are they interchangeable?
i have replaced my steering gearbox and my power steering pump and pressure line and my steering is still hard to turn both ways i check the lines they are not clogged. Could my gearbox be to tight from the factory
The engine is a 5 speed and it could be off timing. How much would it be to fix this problem?
Had to move the truck from my friend's house to mine and it ran fine, even with the engine light on. It sat with a good battery for about 10 months in the arizona heat. Every once in awhile, I started it to keep the...
Can you lube the bushings and where are the lube points, some mechanic said there were none for Ford F-150 Truck, 1997 is this true? And what about the tie rods? This squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel h...
it sounds like something is rubbing i cant find the what is causing this
after the co2 has been replaced po133 & po420 for bank one which is bank one the driver side or the passenger side, cause I have already replace said item and the code keeps returning the same.no one seems to know w...
found fluid driping from trans. can't blead cluch
When accelerating from a stop there was a slight delay before the drive train would engage the rear end and move the truck forward.A clunking sound could be heard as well. I thought it was a U Joint issue. I put the t...
I cannot find required tool to remove fuel lines from fuel filter.
looking for info to replace heater core on this model only
Does the 1997 have a light on the dash when you turn off the overdrive or is it on the control only?
When driving 60 mph my rpm's go high up to 4000 rpm. What is my problem?