All four wheels flush brake system

Truck will shift fine when first started and while driven but, after several miles, the OD light on the gear lever will flash (indicating there is an issue) and it will shift very hard during normal driving through all gears. I changed the shift solenoid with new fluid and filter but the problem still exists. Advance Auto parts cannot pull a code while the truck is running and, if it's cut off, the issue goes away until you've driven it for while where it reoccurs. I believe it is an electrical issue as it shifts fine when first cranked up and driven. Help.

heat works when I take a hard left, then I need to becareful when I turn right,to keep heat.its colder now and not so good anymore, core hoses are hot all of the time, when I turn the temp knob in either direction can hear movement, dash temp never exceeds the proper temp,

turning it off for short time then back on helps sometime. have new blend door motor?

When we hotwire the window will roll down and when reconnect the switch roll the window back up but not roll it down. Bought and tried a new switch - didn't help.

During testing, something happened and now passengers side will not roll up or down.

Any clues or suggestions of what is causing this problem?

Check grounds. Replaced ing. Switch

Checked ground to chassis and engine. Some fuses no power no vehicle Manuel to see what these fuses control, fuses good

the lines going into and out of the filter are braided high pressure held into place with a quick connect of some I have not encountered...strange looking clamp that hooks down into the fitting after it is locked onto the filter nipple...all of my quick disconnect tools will not work to release this line...any ideas?

did intake gaskets. now after all compression tests I have 0 compression in cyl #3. code only comes back after resetting with load after 40mph also a/c switches from vent to defrost on low idle then fixs after 1500 rpms this also effects the brakes. any ideas or tricks I can do before removing head and/or replacing motor?