1997 Ford F-150 Questions

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It doesn't do it the time. My mechanic has replaced the GEM module, radio and ignition switch. Sometimes it can a week before it does it, and sometimes it's every time. It does it when I turn off the motor and sometimes when I start it up. So far it always starts, but a couple times it died while I'm driving.

When it's not in over drive it will keep pulling in second gear,but the motor is just revving up to high rpms

a couple days ago both windows stopped working a day or two later driver side started working again but passenger side still won't roll up and it makes no sound at all could it be a relay or fuse ?

Any type of movement it sqeck's getting real annoyed

What are my recalls??

do I need to be relying,

When I pull off the other wires, they all make a difference.

I have changed the fuel filter, plugs and wires, and spark plugs. The #7 misfires.

The truck drives fine when first start out but when it warms up it drives like its jumping in and out of overdrive constantly it also threw p0161 I don't know where to start or if I even should !!