I have changed the fuel filter, plugs and wires, and spark plugs. The #7 misfires.

The truck drives fine when first start out but when it warms up it drives like its jumping in and out of overdrive constantly it also threw p0161 I don't know where to start or if I even should !!

Standerd trany all fluids sposibly changs think its a badd coil pack cosing misfire

when driving my truck vibrates realy bad we just replaced a frame and the bushings on both sides and it still vibrates????????

My heater wont blow hot air.

is there a switch on transmission or where is it located at on this model. it wont start without oulling upon gearshift. is there an ajustment that can be made.

All four wheels flush brake system

Truck will shift fine when first started and while driven but, after several miles, the OD light on the gear lever will flash (indicating there is an issue) and it will shift very hard during normal driving through all gears. I changed the shift solenoid with new fluid and filter but the problem still exists. Advance Auto parts cannot pull a code while the truck is running and, if it's cut off, the issue goes away until you've driven it for while where it reoccurs. I believe it is an electrical issue as it shifts fine when first cranked up and driven. Help.