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Added gas and rolled to level ground. Tapped starter tried jump.
its has around 40lbs at idle 2 or 3 lbs the engine has 125000 mile on it very will takin care of
shifts to 4 wheel drive but front hubs wont lock
Stop leak was added to radiator 2 days ago. When fan is turned lots of vapors shoot out, smells like radiator fluid.
replaced gas cap replaced cat. convertor. replace the vavle at cannister. had evap test can find smoke can it be another vavle or a sensor that is not reading on codes? cannister control vavle maybe. before replacin...
Had someone replace the upper & lower intake gasket recently and soon after that we had a code 0455. we replaced gas cap. we replaced the vavle closed the the evap cannister A large leak, missing hose, we have run a e...
i try to read the codes but there was no codes for emissions what could be the problem truck is 1997 v6 ford f.150 pick up
will not show any code. what would be the most common problem?
i just put a flowmaster super 10 on my truck and its single inlet dual outlet and i wanna know how much it would probably cost me to run the tail pipe from the exhaust to strait out under my bumper
Do I need special tools toreplace motor and is it time consuming?
Comes back on shortly after I reset the OBD tool.
Sqeeky noise when turning while standing, tire edge wear, loose steering.
i bypassed the thermal limiter by unplugging it and switching the fan speed to high and it still does it