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has to do with shifting issue 4r70 transmission
turned the temperature down (full ccw) now temperature will not cone up with control full cw.
i was told possibly just a sylenoid in trany any help out there dont want to replace trany if i dont have to
Had it out in the cold for a few months, battery died, but was recharged. It started shifting out of 4wd harder a couple of times since then, but now nothing at all. What could be possible problems and solutions? Any ...
I picked up this pickup as my garden haulin', off-road hunting/firewood gathering 2-wheel drive vehicle. I've got some aggressive off-road tires mounted, and want to add a locked differential so I don't get stuck out ...
I have replaced thermostat and and flushed the system windshield does not fog up
Knowing it's screwed on correctly I go back and juggle with it again and it solves the problem. I was told there is a special brand filter that works better on the '97 F-150, 5.4L V8. Note: Its only small spots o...
my other truck caught on fire because it didnt get it recall fixed
have changd egr valv and relay
should there be continuity between fuse terminals in power distribution box with large fuse removed?
Is it the turn signal switch? And how much is the average repair cost? If the steering wheel is all the way up no problem. Steering wheel down even a little no blinkers!
and bringing it home it started loosing acceleration and started jolting and chugging badly it did it worse going up hill it seems to be firing on 4 cyl it seems like check engine light flashes 3 times and stays on an...