1997 Ford F-150 Questions

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is compressor getting worn out?

can low brake pads and shoes cause this or just master to check booster?

no air leaks

After driving about 15 minutes when stopping with a/c on the oil pressure drops and rpm drop. When a/c cycles off, rpm goes up and oil pressure returns to normal on gauge. what controls the idle speed as a/c cycles on and off>

it is leaking from the right rear side

water in combustion chamber. changed engine 2 times.. it messes up the rods

Plugs and plug wires
EGR valve
Fuel filter and fuel pump
Ignition coils
MAF sensor cleaned and diagnostics says ok
O2 sensors - Banks 1+2, sensor(s) 1

Have had codes p0133, p0171, and p0174 appear in the past. As they appear, mechanics clear codes and replace parts

Still lacks power and high gas consumption (9-10mpg). Conditions are daily - day & night

When new fuel pump was installed, saw a decrease in gas consumption.

When driven on the highway at 60mph it acts like it want to shut it won't start..I put in New spark plugs and it still won't start...and I need to replace the muffler...what else could be the problem of the diagnostic code read a 708...please help

I have replaced the starter and relay switch and also a new battery and it still will not start. Makes a clicking noise when trying to crank , what else could be the problem?

Somebody on repair pal when commenting on my problems said that I had two blend doors told me how to diagnose the problem by turning the ignition on without turning the engine on and listening for a humming noise. He diagnosed it right I do hear the humming noise, the blend or over the heater core is opening, but where in the hell is the second blend door or the actuator that runs it. I called around to some parts houses and they do not know what I'm talking about. Help.

This thing looks kind of like a shock absorber with a handle on it. The person that owned it before me did have a lot of extras added on as far as heavy duty suspension. But I cannot figure what this thing is under the seat, and yes it is attached to the truck.