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Starter fins this cold morning. Let it warm for 5 Min. Revved engine fine. As soon as I put truck in gear, it died. Tried to restart, cranks but won't fire. Let it sit for two hrs. started right up. Same result. Let i...
i didnt use spring clip removal tool first timer on my fuel filter ruend the rear clip but i wasent sure if it has a clip on each end of the fuel line it was leaking until i repaced the rear one
1992 Ford F150 - Intake hose is in pan - no oil is being pumped through the oil system; what else should be checked?
I have replaced my condenser orifice tube accumulator and main hose from evap core to compressor. Now my pressures reading high both sides 50-60 psi low side and 350-400 psi high side. The accumulator instead of being...
Is my overdrive electronic, and what modules or sensors are a part of it?
Automatic Transmission goes is fine just no overdrive. can only drive 45 to 50 miles an hour
the truck starts in park and works fine in neutral and reverse. when it is shifted into drive it kills the motor.
Is there a trick to getting it out without pulling engine or dropping the frame cross member?
it has a c40d trans put new shifting kit in filter and fluid, still hit a little but not that bad, just dont know what is wrong with the odometer wondering if it had a in line fuse
the reason i wana change it my e4od slips and shifts hard and bounces in and out of overdrive when i put hazards on it downshifts other times it shifts just fine no trouble codes come up.my option is not a rebuild can...
need advice on how to remove transmission pump to replace the o ring seal on pump