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Please tell me where backup light switch is located on 1984 ford f-150 pickup or send a diagram.
Had rear brakes adjusted stopped normally for a few days and problem started again. Mechanic told me to buy new drums, brakes shoes, wheel clylinders and brake hose. Had these items installed and a few days later prob...
Its not the exhaust manifold, possibly hose rupture?
Shut off truck after driving it will not restart until it cools off. It doesn't overheat and it cranks fine no drag just won't start. Here is what I know. F/p was bad replaced pump and sending unit, fuel filter, press...
Cranks over has a brand new fuel pump but temperature is what determines rather it will start
It seems like the fan blowing to cool my injectors runs for a long time and until it stops my motor will not start
V-8 F1 Ford over heating on the freeway but not on the streets.
I have a 1990 Ford F150 with a straight 6 engine. The battery is in good condition and the wiring from the battery to the starter has been replaced, as well as the starter solenoid. Everything turns on when I put the ...
truck is missing and I have replaced everything but the computer and fuel injector o rings.
I jump a wire from connecter to another and don't get flashing codes. I have hesitation at low rpm & ex. leak
truck was running great. changed air cleaner and then it wouldn't start. It will turn over but not start. i have spark coil is putting out proper voltage put in new eec relay and new fuel pump relay sprayed ether int...