I just want to pop it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I get in the access panel in the ceiling?

when driving the rear wheels lock up the brake pads are thin but not dragging theres no noises put on jack stands put in drive the tires start to spin and just lock up no noises to indicate problem the traction control light comes on when this happens

coming out of my 'face' vents, and start up a grade or slight pull and the vents will change and start coming out the floor and defroster vents, after I get over the grade or slight pull it will change and start coming out the face vents again,it doesn't have to be the air cond,or heat, it happens with either on, any answer's would be a great help...thanks

My 2009 Sport Trac will not come out of park. When the brake petal is depressed I hear a clicking from the dash area. However, the brake lights do work. Any idea what the problem is?