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They did front end alignment, all good. Replaced tire for free. But I have a vibration in that same front wheel at speeds over 50 ?
happen in november 2014,march 2015 took it to the dealer he they find anything cause the wrenchlight was not on.put it in gear jerk forword,
Truck quit driving down the road. Unhooked fuel line and ran off a 6 gallon boat can. Pumped the primer ball and truck started right up. Changed the fuel pump and now truck wont start. Electrical issues?
took off all the tires and checked hubs tire does not move and hubs are tight filled all the fluids underneath the care
The heater is on and blows cold air at different times.
All of a sudden park assist isn't working.I haven't hit anything,including curbs.I back into my parking spot at work every morning. I'm the first one there so I don't have a problem as far as other vehicles being in t...
passenger side blows only cold air, is this a valve problem or a damper problem, and what is the location of the damper and or valve ...Thanks IT"S Broken
I removed the front headrests . There was a tab and a pin hole. The rear headrests look like they only have pin holes. I tried a paper clip. Maybe I didn't push hard enough?
I have changed the thermostat and the temp. sensor. Any ideas on what to check?
this happens only when the control is moved from cold toward warm