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Recently replace the back brake pads on the car. The car and brakes ran fine until this point. Simply replaced the brakes because they were getting thin. Once I replaced the pads, • If the car sets for 10-15 minute...
Abs, 4 wd, and traction control is blinking, when goes above 1 mph I hear a grinding noise?
2 months ago bought a 2010 Explorer in the Middle East ( Odometer currently @ 3000 Kms). After @ one month of purchase, drove a long distance (Odometer then @ 1800 Kms), when reached the city and began driving slowly,...
Does anyone know the steps for reseting the oil change light
When going over small bumps on the road my brakes make a clanking noise like something is loose or rattling. If I apply pressure to the brakes, the noise goes away.
whistling noise at 65- 70 mph ---- sounds like a flute