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how do you change the front turn signal bulb on a 2006 Ford Explorer?
Every once in a while my battery light goes on for a period of time
power outlet in console not working 2006 explorer limited. checked for voltage have 0
How many volts should my alternator put out with all the electrical turned off and the engine revving at 2000 rpm
I have a 2006 Ford Explorer, when I'm driving down the road at 50-60 mph the truck hesitates. When I go up hills it hesitates, when I go to give it gas to pass someone it hesitates. We have done a complete tune-up, pl...
When I gas up the gas pump keeps knocking off every 8 to 10 seconds, it's like there is pressure building up causing the fuel to rise to the surface and knocking off pump. What could be causing this? It takes so long ...
I'm looking to replace the plastic trim at the bottom of the doors, above the wheel well, and on the bottom of the front and back bumpers. I want it to match with the rest of the car, i.e. be the same color, and NOT t...
My car is overheating or is it? Driving down the highway the temperature gauge went from normal to all the way to the top in less then 30 seconds. The coolant light went on and the car went into shutdown mode. My car...
i am trying to change my rear brakes and my tires will not come off!! I have all of the lug nut off but the tire wont budge.
Currently replacing the rear brakes. need to know why the rotor is so hard to remove once its broken free. thanks....bp
pecking noise for about 30 seconds after i start engine. sometimes i dont hear it but most of the time i do
We frequently have a musty or nest smell when using the blower
when braking, I have to depress, release and depress again for the pedal to be firm. vehicle has about 50K miles on it, with no trailering. fluid level has always been in spec
my abs sensorloght is on and I keep hearing a grinding sound when I press the gas pedel, is this a major fix or a replacement osf the sensor.