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This just happened one morning. My battery tested fine but I have no power in the truck and wont crank. Battery charging makes a buzzing sound under dash that changes or stops when I step on brake. I hear a faint i...
When i try to start my car it cranks but wont start takes about 3 tries that is weak for a few seconds than runs strong what can this be?
my light wont go off so I need to pull the fuse
when going to the bank it has happened that the engine would not start , it crancks ok , just would not fire up , after a while it will start normally again , had the same problem with another car and that was the pro...
also catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2. do i need a cataletic converter
this started don't know what happin is there a fusable link
Battery is 12.7 volts static and 14.5 volts when idle. Battery gauge in instrument panel shows zero charge.