The service engine light came on this morning, i have around 130,000 miles on my explorer. I do not know what this means?

Battery dead. Battery charger starts it right away. Battery has been checked and is good. Alternator checked and is good. Once started will run beautifully. After engine off for about 3 ours or so, car won't start. When battery is dead and you open the door, the security alarm sounds.

i have heard noise coming from the front axles(i think)that sounds like a rotation noise, especially when i am decelerating. Is this a bearings or bushing problem.

My heat isn't working. When I cut it on, I hear a click, click, click noise. The air is blowing but no heat seems to be coming out of the vents.


whenever i turn on the heat the heater only blows out cold air

every time I turn on my heat, it is making a clicking sound and only blowing out cold air.

roar noise in my front right tire

Front bumper is dented, front headlights is damaged on the inside and outside. Also the front driver side door makes noise when opening and closing.

when we turn rhe tempure from cold to hot we gt just cold air and a clicking sound

everytime i turn on my heater it wont blow heat but cold air, also it makes a clicking noise,but makes no noise when i put on the air.

every time i turn it on there is this clicking

What is the normal cost for the repairs these wheeling bearings

When I accelerate (especially going up a hill)I hear the sounds of knocking underneath.

I just had another front wheel bearing replaced (again) and the mechanic says that he thinks there is a problem with the rear differential, but he can't do it (not a Ford mechanic). He said to take it to Ford, but that the cost might make more sense to get rid of the vehicle. Any idea the price range of rear differential repair/replacement for a vehicle with 67K miles?

Steering problem
2003 Ford Explorer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 49000 miles

I have replaced the power steering pump twice and it keep making noise. I belive it is cavitating I have bleed system twice and flushed everthing I know of to make it work. Is there a trick in the startup. We used the vacuum on the resivor turnned it back and forth 10 to 20 times replaced the line with no help I am stumped..