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The temerature gauge on my ford explorer is acting u. For a while, it would randomly (every few days) jump into the red for a minute or two, then go back down. Today, it keeps going in the red whenever the car is idl...
My explorer randomly stalls and feels like it is not getting gas. Happened in the middle of an intersection yesterday. Took it to the shop and was told it was a switch that shuts the gas/car down in case of an acciden...
Only noticed it recently driving to N.Y. A/C had been running for at least 12 hours when it was noticed.
When i turn the a/c on it makes a noise and keeps making it until I turn the a/c off.
What kind of fluid and weight does it take. Does the casing have to be removed? All of this determines the cost to replace, I'm told by auto shop.
My A/C was working very well blowing exstreamly cold air even at the lowest setting. Now it does not blow cool air at all. The fans seem to work OK because it blows hot air. Do you think this can just be a recharge is...
Where is the cabin air filter located in a 2003 explorer
Truck runs rough at times when stopped. Also will sometimes idle low at stop and then surge forward. It has also died a couple of times code po 506 shows How do I fix it myself.
truck shakes below 30mph but when i go faster it stops
My A/C smells awful, is there some kind of filter that needs to be replaced? It's seems to be getting worse.
were is the cabin air filter location
nt over drive light keeps flashing, when i get going about 20mph i have to let off the gas to get it to shift
where is the fuel shut off switch on a 2003 ford truck
Is there anyway to access fuse panel other than laying on your back and looking up under dash.
How do I access the inside fuse box without laying on my back??