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My power passenger seat is not working. I moved it all the way forward to move a t.v and now it won't go back. It clicks when I press the button to move it. it will still go up or down but not front or back. Any advic...
It occurred when I put the seat all the way forward to move a t.v. it clicks when I try to move the seat as if its trying to work
I cant tell if the muffler and exhaust are all one piece.
Had it put on the computer and the Ford dealer can't find anything wrong.
Explorer won't stay on after i press and release gas pedal. It wont go passed 2500 rpm wether idling or driving. I just changed my intake manifold because it was cracked and leaked water out and ran into left cylinde...
In the rear passenger side of my 2002 Ford Explorer there is a loud scrapping/thumping noise coming from the back, it comes and goes. It sounds like its going to get stuck or fall off.
My ford explore 2002 started making a loud scrapping/clinking noise that comes and goes on the rear passenger side. Don't know what it could be?