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I cant tell if the muffler and exhaust are all one piece.
Had it put on the computer and the Ford dealer can't find anything wrong.
Explorer won't stay on after i press and release gas pedal. It wont go passed 2500 rpm wether idling or driving. I just changed my intake manifold because it was cracked and leaked water out and ran into left cylinde...
In the rear passenger side of my 2002 Ford Explorer there is a loud scrapping/thumping noise coming from the back, it comes and goes. It sounds like its going to get stuck or fall off.
My ford explore 2002 started making a loud scrapping/clinking noise that comes and goes on the rear passenger side. Don't know what it could be?
no warning noise or any indication of previous problem, happened out of blue
white steam/smoke at times from under hood. Mechanic says all is well, no leaks, etc...I am at a loss. Idle erratic on occasion. I am told to make sure there is water...Mechanic has had my vehicle for 3 days. Can ...