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Have fuel, have spark, have good compression, all ob2 codes were erased, car will run rill rough then stops running, timing is right, check fuses. what sensor should i check?
Front wheels grinding in turns when slow acceleration as well as backing up. Tried new ball joints, power steering fluid flush, was told differential fluid was OK. 4WD light doesn't come on and it didn't act right dur...
The guy is charging 350 for that job and the parts are only 30 bucks so i think hes over-charging. Could anyone please let me know what the fair is? THANKS
I took it to autozone and the diagnostic test said it was the oxygen sensors I replaced it and it still cuts off and the diagnostic also says it could be the MAF the mass airflow sensor what could be the problem
i pulled tranny to replace front shaft seal. i re installed tranny started motor and went into gear while shifter was still in park position. any advise would sure be nice.or a solution.
I am getting a P0401 code. My EGR checks out as well as the DPFE (new). No blockages in passages. Recently my fuel rail pressure damper diaphram broke and released fuel into my vacuum lines. Could the EGR vacuum s...
Someone is trying to sell me a used engine out of a ford ranger to put into my 2002 ford explorer XLT 4.0 sohc. the intake is diffrent on the ford ranger. will this motor work, and if so will it take more money for ga...
I have changed the battery, spark plugs and wires. Also water pump. I checked the starter and the radiator. And nothing... Please help me. I try to turn the truck on but the theft starts clicking and it won't turn on.