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I recently did an engine swap on my explorer and have replaced a lot of sensors. after I drive it around it needs to cool down for about an hour and a half before before it will start, The starter is working and i h...
changed radiator & thermostat
vacuum valve that should open inline to heater core does not open when heat turned on. I taped it open and I can feel the heater core box get hot, but still blowing cold air. what could the problem be?
A few minutes later all the gauges went haywire. Then, they all went down. Then, the car would only drive 25MPH and eventually died & would not restart.The battery is only 8 months old. Is this problem the alternator?...
Lights are always in night mode
this problem occurred 3 yrs ago. replaced pressure cycling switch to resolve. symptom has returned and installing new pressure cycling switch has not cured problem. there are no leaks in system or abnormal gauge r...
Original exhaust system rusted together barely holding on (one hanger only). Cat Converter cover gone. So whole system.
I have a 2 door explorer so the windows in the backseat are small non-powered and open by latch. I need to replace this broken window and found a used one at the junkyard for $50, but I cannot find do-it-yourself inst...
two months ago had transmission rebuilt, 200 miles later have the front drive line (rear)cv-ujoints replaced when we drive it it seems to be in 4wheel low the mecahanic said it is always in 4wheel... Is that true?
when the engin is shut off and then restarted the light will not come on agen for several miles