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my car is stuck in 4x4 how can i get it out step by step please
how can i get it unstuck
maintanance on front & read differential
The air works fine until there is a load on the engine and then it does not blow hardly at all
press pedal, brake lights go on for 5 seconds than go off.
Vehicle will not start now at all. There is no power.
So when I mean low speeds I am talking about under 10KPH and it happens mostly when it is warm out or the truck is warm. It doesn't seem to happen in the winter. I have had it for quite some time now and it doesn't s...
oil hand keep going up and down
Only headlights that come on are when they are on high beam"?
Looking for someone who has experience with the 4.0 SOHC VIN E motor,My timing chian is rattling,Ihave heard that is common for these to get worn cassetes guides and tensioners,but you have to remove the oil pan and h...
but it works in reverse just fine. whats wrong with it?
When engine warms up, and you turn off the ignition to make a pit stop, like a couple miles away, it will not start again. Engine will crank over, but will not restart. Almost like it is not getting any gas on the res...
new pads new rotars new calibers and new master cylinder the brake pedal still goes to the floor the first time you step on it and then goes up bled many times could it be the abs?