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my nozzle broke from the bottom of the housing
i just recently purchased this '98 Explorer that has been garage kept,only been driven by an elderly lady & just turned over to the 70,000 mile mark a couple weeks ago. When I first purchased it,I noticed the vehicle ...
My power steering still makes noise when I turn my wheel. Turning left is louder than the right turn.
I have to rev the engine so it doesn't die. But it only happens in the morning. Totally fine the rest of the day.
I have a '98 Ford Explorer XL with 142,500 miles on it. It has been 100% dependable until the fuel pump had to be replaced. Not too long after that it just wouldn't turn over. It wasn't the battery so I called my tow...
my car is a ford explorer 1998 model
Running toughening shakes at idle
Cleaned out contacts replaced with new one and next morning same thing. Three changeouts and checklight comes on hours after. What could be causing this on a daily basis after each changeout? Help pls!!! Diagnosti...
changed the filter and the transmission fluid drove good till got hot anyone know why
It is very hard to crank and once it starts I have to push the gas pedal to get it to 1100 rpm, but once I let off the gas it dies