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its has a new starter a new celinoid new alternater but still has no power the battery is good
I took it out today and have no heat and when i came out of the store all the antifreeze leaked out
been having electrical problems with it where what web site can, I gewiring diaphram for.. it cant see no wiring damage
1996 Explorer Sport - while using the heat my temp gauge will shoot up to about 3/4 and then will drop all the way back down. Have tried different thermostats and replaced the sending units. Tested hoses for leaks ...
checked the transmission dipstick foud it to be slightly moisten with particals on it.
top rear brake light not working,how to remove and replace?
I have a leak in my front left brake line. I need either a temperrary fix or a permanent fix for cheap. Can anyone please help me???
Truck was not cranked for 1 yr. battery dead, replaced fuel pump and filter reset fuel pump trip.replaced gunked up injecters with clean ones from running moter in junk yard. checked fuses at in cab and under hood box...