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Replaced transmission speed sensor on my 95 explorer 4wd hoping that it would fix my shifting problem but it didn't. Now when I start it the throttle goes wide open and I have to shut it right back off. Does anyone kn...
Replaced transmission speed sensor on my 95 explorer 4wd that should've fixed the shifting problem but made no improvement at all and then when I turned the truck off I turned it right back on but now the throttle is ...
I wanted to know why does my car smell like antifreeze?it dont smell when the car is running just when its still8/ help please
It will run but sometimes it shuts off and have to be towed home the crankshaft sensor had blown again would the vehicle motor be shot or what at wits end would love to be able to drive it again
Will air conditioning pump from a 1991 Ford explore it on the 1995 Ford Explorer
again, if i disc the batt for some time the flashing goes away and the trans works normally. some have said the pcm? is that true?
if i disc the batt 4 20 mins it will engage once again. happens whether hot or cold. sometimes i disc the batt overnight!
there is a whiteish steam that comes from my ford explorers under carage exaust and all and my front and rear drivers side wheel wels dont know what it is or if its normal but i dont believe it is can someone help me ...
It happens when i start my car and when i am accelerating. Please help me with all these questions I am at a loss with this car.
It happens when we are on the freeway at high speeds but only every so often.
It only happens every once in a while but whne it does it pretty loud. it has over 200,000 miles on it.
I would like to know what would cause all of these things to go out at the same time. I tried replacing the fuse for the speedometer but as soon as I put it in it blew out and had a burning smell.