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power seat fuse location
just need to know where fuse is.
ive replaced the bulbs but nothing worked. i read online that it may be a bad ground connection between the socket and bulb so im gonna clean it and coat with some vaseline. if that doesnt work any suggestions?
we replaced the transmission and the truck will start but when you put it in gear it will not do anything what could be the problem
Our boy got gas and drove a half block when the truck died. It turns over but wont start... It has no spark but does have fuel ... how do we trouble shoot this problem.
happens every time the trans should shift
Heater control valve leaks from where metal part enters valve only when A/C or Heater is activated inside passenger compartment.
purolator oil filter pl30001 does this fit a 1995 v6 explorer?
rattling in transmission area while idling.
Should I replace sensors. I recieved engine codes 172 and 176. The manual says voltage indicates lean. and sensor not switching.
were the rubber hose meets the steel how can i fix it without replaceing the whole line
no matter what the selector swith is turned to,the car blows warm to hot air
my brake lights are not working i checked the fuses dont know what else to check
I am only working part time at $8.00 per hour and I need help to pay for my smog check.