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will not catch. everything comes on except the catching of the engine
how much should it cost to have a transmission rebuilt in a 1996 ford explorer eddie bauer 4.0 4x4 automatic
I have checked fuses and bulbs they are fine why are they not working?
i installed a lower intake gasket on a 1995 ford explorer how mant times do I need to troque it do I need to troque it again after I drive it It still idle up and down a little
will a gasket under a fuel rail on a 95 ford explorer cause a vacum leak
Had fuel pump & filter replaced. Truck still turns over sometimes it start after a couple of tries
flashes for a few weeks, then off. than starts flashing again. No problem with trans shifting.
have replaced fuel pump relay. might run for a day or 2 months it is something to do with fuel pump (stops, can not here it when key is turned on. )
When I hit bumps it squeaks when I start from a stop, when I stop, when I turn when I am moving or when I am stopped
it only triggers the overheating light when going up a hill, and when i slow down the gauge will go down as well. What is the problem?
I stop the car,lock the doors - parking light is on !! Have to unplug cable to battery or else the battery will be dead by the end of work day.And I'm off work by midnight !!! Stress to plug it back on again in a dark...
The OD ON/OFF light blinks. Transmission won't shift from first to second gear.
I just recently had a rebuilt transmission put into my truck which is working fine. But now my speedometer doesnt work properly. Sometimes when I drive it the speed shows accurately on the speedometer but other times ...
I've replaced the starter, cylinoid, battery and system still fails to start after short trips, and the battery shows power over the median gage. Why isn't the battery staying charged. On occasion a jump start would w...