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Replaced filter and fluid then it shifts first thru 2nd but when going n drive the rpm's stay high n won't shift but then I'll manually shift it to 2nd and it shifts n lowers the rpm's n acts. Like it should
The brake pin on the driver seat front wheel is coming out and it's only the top pin. Any advice on how to put it back into place?
where do the wires go
can not remove the hard line coming off the bottom of the cylinder
new mas air flo fuelidel control fuel presure regulotor tired of working on it lol.
don,t know if it,s water pump or fan clutch .help .thanks
The transmission won't shift right till it warms up. Put it in 2nd and will shift from 1st to 2nd. Put it in drive and it won't come out of 1st. After the car warms up, it seems to shift fine. Put it in drive or O/dri...
im leaking power steering fluid but its not coming from the line. it looks like it is coming from where the pitarm is is that possible
timing chain, damage to valve bent what else could be damaged?
will a modultor make the trany slip?