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check engine light on but dont know where to have it checked, parts stores dont check beyond 1996. light comes on after city driving for twenty or so minutes, goes off when engine off, comes back on in another twen...
put new steering box on it like no power steering now.help wifes suv .
when i was driving i hit something hard and the car started to act like if i didnt have any gas
I have just bought a 91' Ford Explorer, and I know nothing about cars. Someone told me that I need to do work on the shocks and breaks. What does that mean? I have no idea on how much it is going to cost. Any help. A...
I changed the filter then about 2 weeks later the tranny now slips and goes nowhere it kind of tries to move only forward no matter what position is selected including reverse and park the linkage is working properly
Been told I need a new flywheel for my 1991 4X4 ford explorer. How much does something like this cost to replace?
driving my Explorer 91 gas pedal stucks. Has to push the pedal hard to get back to normal. Can you help me, please.
I just bought a 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4WD Automatic Trans w/OD (A4LD). When cold, the transmission shifts very late and hard. Checked the fluid and it looks severely burnt. My question is: How much should it cost to...
91-4x4 explorer auto trans shifts in to over drive then won,t shift back in ghanged sencore on trans still no luck someone told me the valve body needs rebiult .help me pleas
i got power to the clyonied but nothing else
gas mileage went down 5 to 8 miles to gallon. the idle will be normal at times and high at others and sometimes up and down. check engine lite will come on sometimes and stayes on till i restart car then will stay off...
The hood of my explorer will not open. The interior pull lever comes out the entire way, and the lever under the hood seems to move the full way to release, but the hood is tightly closed.
I have 1991 ford explorer the transmission fluid is going in my vacum line is it my module.I put fuild in about ever 2 weeks. can you help. Thank you John