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This is the first time this has happened. We recently replaced the thermostat and thermostat housing. It was very cold this morning but even after the temperature guage was reading that the engine was warmed up it sti...
I have a fault like that comes up on my panel. It says throttle control system. Where is it what is it?
I need to know how to check transmission fluid level on 2008 Ford Expedition.
Took it to the garage and they told me a little white plastic clip is broken but that I can't buy it separate. They would have to order the whole floor steering assembly at a cost of about $600 parts and labor. This ...
When sudden accelerating the engine light comes on
I would like to install trailer tow mirrors on my 2008 Expedition. Ford offers great mirrors for the F-150 but not for the expedition. Are they interchaneable?
fuel injection service? interior air filter? cooling front seats filter?
is gear shift module under Ford's powertrain warranty?
My 2008 expedition will not shift out of park. got it to shift once by using parking brake. once out of park can drive it. shifts without problem once out of drive. brake lights not coming on every time.
"Wrench" Warning light came on when in 4 wheel drive....not on in 2 wheel drive.
How do I check and/or add transmission fluid to my 2008 Expedition EL?
i bought the car used and do not have the combination to the keyless entry pad on the door. how can i get this?
I need some help as to how replace the serpentine timing belt for an expedition 1998
every time i stop the front end seems to move a bit more before stopping the truck stops rolling but the front end seems not too. Might it be the u bolts on teh chasis?