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I suddenly started vibrating and the check engine light came on at the same time. What are some possible causes.

Car starts fine first thing, but on hot days (90 deg +) it will not start after a second trip. If the car sits for 30 minutes it starts ok. Deler could not find a problem. It's my daughters car help

transfer gear shaft case repalcement?

problem happened all of a sudden. when in park or doing so engine idle sputters. more like up and down idle. when coming to a stop at a light or waiting for the light to change... idle rise and drop, and stall. while driving there seems to be no problem and after stall.. engine starts right up. auto zone ran a code..po171..???when pulling into a stall to park engine idles irradically, lunges with rise and fall of idle and then stalls. codes are po171 and po174...thankyou

hello,I have a 2003 xlt and the switch for 4x4 low,4x4 high,all wheel drive ,etc isnt working,could it be a blown fuse or a way to reset the switch,thank you and happy new year,Al from nj

My suv starts knocking each time I turn right either going forward or in reverse. Why?

problems with auxhillary power ports (cigaret lighters not working)

how program my alarm control

Once the car is warmed up the idle becomes erractic and engine stalls. We already changed the IAC and the Mass airflow sensor but the vehicle idle is still the same

when you turn the temp switch to full hot or full cold it makes a clicking sound under the passenger side front dash

I have a Ford Expedition and the transfer case is leaking on a 2003 model. Plus the transmission is hitting when i go down the interstate? I can feel the transmission hit like someone hit the steering wheel with a hammer or like a pulse. and the tranfer case is leaving oil in my driveway. Please advise -- appreciate it.

Would typically a complete brake job be around 800.00

my car is making a rattling noise, and everyone says it;s the catalytic converter. but my check engine light is not on?

Is this just the exhaust system or could it be something more?

When driving and hits a bump on road, cruise control deactivates