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My Excursion has a Rough Idle. Sometimes when I am stopping It will lunge the SUV forward. I tried to Replace the Brake Booster which was bad but it didn't stop any of the problems. Any idea what the problem could ...
my back door will not open. Is there another way so I can work on it?
im having problem with my timing belt
I own a 2003 expedition and my headlights, brake lights and turn signals work, but my dashboard lights and my parking lights wont. i know it isnt blown bulbs because my turn signal lights, dash and rear parkinglights ...
no trouble codes and the engine runs fine(besides having coolant in the oil) Rattling noise goes away when oil pressure builds up.
my service engine light came on and took it to get a reading The P0506 code came up Idle Control System Repair low than expected What is this and how to fix. Is it something i can do myself or do i have to have a mec...
We changed the EGR valve 2 days ago and the engine light is still on the person at auto zone said that it read a irregular air flow problem and just needed to clean system and that should help pass the emmission test...
When I apply the brakes the steering wheel shakes.
the back of my 1999 ford expedition dropped and they told me I don't have shocks it's some type of leveling system that levels out to the amount of the load
A rattling sound in one of the catalytic converters while driving
i have a ford expedition 03 and when i go to turn the vehicle on it goes on but than turns off do i have to wait until the beeping noise goes off than i start it is there a special way to start this car
when im running @ 100km/hr, some air from outside seems to be coming inside, considering all windows are closed. where is the air vent control for expedition 2003?
removal & installing
door ajar on from time to time when doors all closed check engine soon light on randomly engine behave weak occasionally fuel filter already replaced