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When my 2003 Expedition is completly full of fuel, it starts with no problems; but below a half tank it is difficult to start.

detect that a broken rear wiper was causing my battery to drain?

It has been hot since late spring, and we have had triple digit heat in my city for weeks now, but my trusty 2003 Expedition has previously handled this kind of weather like a champ! The Ford dealer serviced my car early last month(105K service!!) and I was told my A/C didn't need a charge even though I told them that I didn't feel it was cooling as effectively as before. The service department said "it can't cool as well when the outside temps are this high", and I just accepted that. But for the past two days, the air it blows is barely cool! I was told by a Sears Service tech today that I need a new "head control" installed, and failure of that part is fairly common. He said I should take it back to Ford! What does this mean, and what should I expect it to cost? I can't take this heat without my Expedition functioning up to par!! I would appreciate any insights.

a/c compressor wont work unless I unplug it from the battery and plug it again

I drove to the library (only 5 miles away). The check engine light came on and the temperature gauge pegged red. Two other warning lights came on: Reduced engine power & High Temperature/Low Oil. I got the codes pulled at Autozone. They read P1299. The AZ rep told me that I could probably replace the Cylinder head temp sensor myself. Thought I'd ask here first.

How do I know its the motor in the third row seat if the seat would not recline

I need major help!!! My entire truck dropped all at once. I've replaced the air suspension pump along with the relay next to it but the truck still won't rise! What do I do now?!

my engine cutsoff while driving then cranks again. usually several times

Ok I am at a loss right now. I have a 2003 ford expedition 4.6L engine, I just change all of my coils out, check my entire spark plugs (they show normal wear, less than 25,000 miles on them. They are motor craft), Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, Brand new Air filter, Oil (less than 2,000 miles), Clean the IAC, Replace the vacuum hose that connects to the throttle, Check for vacuum leaks, none detected and check (visually) all three motor mounts ( they all appear to good). I don’t have loss of power when accelerating; my rpm do not surge up or down it is pretty much consistent. My problem is that when I come to a dead stop I can feel my car (engine) wobble /vibrate. It is not violent are anything, but it is a wobble that is noticeable. Ran a scan on it and there are no codes, everything looks to be in normal operating range. The gas that I run in the tank is 87 octane (which the manual calls for) that has probably 10% to 20% ethanol in it. I use sam club gas in it. The reason that I am bring the gas up is that when I talk to my local Discount Auto Parts store he suggested that I could have low octane and to use a octane boost. So I tried his suggestion, and to my surprise I saw an improvement. The (engine) wobble /vibrate became less noticeable, but it is still there. Please someone help I am kind of at a lost hear? Any kind of suggestion is good

Where is the air suspension control module located in my vehicle?

I have two Ford vehicles and both of them started shuttering/hesitating when accelerating and rough idle. 2003 Ford Windstar and 2003 Ford Expedition. What could be the problem. It feels like all cylinders aren't firing.

Some times hard to start, must give gas; but in the mornings and after work starts right up, but hard to start 3 minutes later. What is the problem, starter?

Diagnostic says somthing about bank 2 and a vacuum line. the guy at the part store says its a vacuum line but where is it and how do i find it. it doesnt idle rough or skip

My vehicle shuts off while driving. it loses all power to include power steering. wait for 1 min and vehicle restarts and then sometimes the problem takes days to return.

this is the second time ,this problem has accured ,i thought it was because of the aftermarket alarm causing it ,but now i'm not sure .when trying to start when i turn the key to the first switch i get a buzzing sound from the fuse box .but nothing happen ,no crank or nothing ,but sometimes i get a crank like it's gonna start but don't.