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I can only find the ones forward of the exhaust Y. Those were replaced recently.

Last year we replaced many ignition fuses. We put the car in the shop & as long as they did not run the air it would not blow, The one time they drove the car & ran the air the fuse would blow. We went all the cool months with no problems. We have not ran the air yet this summer, b/c we are afraid of being stranded. We think there is a connection somehow. Can someone help?

starts after driving for more than 20minutes

over the wheel well

it is like if something is hitting the fan but it is not i step on the acelerador it goes away kinda but when i let go it starts clicking luod on repetively

told both o2 sensors left side bad, replace both no difference also wont idle down when stopping now after changing sensors

engine needs replaced

how hard is it to fix?the car was already warm.

check engine light is on rough idle almost always dies when come to a stop but starts back up no problem

I have a 2003 Ford Expedition, problem is with the rear window wiper assembly, when I take the motor assembly off, and try to manually move the wiper blade, it is rear hard to move it, hence when installing new motors to it, they burn out in 6 months or less, how do I get the blade assembley that goes thru the glass to free up, so it isn't so hard for the motor asembly to turn the blade.

Jump start worked...truck started and I drove about 30 feet and it died lights, etc. Was pitch dark. Jump started again, pulled it back into my garage and let it run. Battery gauge looks good...then turned it off and it's all dead again. thoughts?

ive heard tapping and putting an insert in the front plugs can be succesful, but that the back to are risky and maybe impossible to do while the heads are on the car.even with an expensive repair kit ,is this true?I tried to tap the third cylinder back on pass. side and the tap went crooked on the way cant be repaired by machine shop now.Iam i totally responsible?was the tap even a possible fix the back cylinders?I did this job for someone,i first reccomended pulling the heads but he wanted me to try something.please help this truck will break me.

to re[place? Has 140,000 miles

is slipping and makes vibrating noise. Immedialely goes away once car is moving. Can you help determine the problem and the cost to repair.

the tap felt firm going in as uasal when cutting threads but it went loose a couple of times on the way down,then back to firm ,at the end it suddenly went completly loose at the bottom.i could pull the tap up and down about an eighth inch but it was stuck in hole and cant get it i turned it counter clock wise but was just loose so i turned it.clock wise a little and it tightened but broke free agian now its just stuck.i dont think i went to far were the tap went all the way in the cylinder but maybe,anyone have any knowledge or advice on this triton motor?