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I have the lugs off already, car in the air and the tire still wont move

This is happening even though I have changed all my coils and all my spark plugs which a ASE certified mechanic told was the problem. I also had new injectors installed. After they were changed it ran good for about 5 miles and then it started again. Can this be the oxygen sensors, catylitic converter, or another problem.

when it runs it is always at 4000. for awhile when the lights would come on it would drop back down to 1800. but now it is always at 4000. the only time it is at 0 is when turned off.

I just purchased a 2003 expedition, eddie baur edition. it has 169000 miles on it. There is a fluttering noise on acceleration. I notice it more when the vehicle is in motion than if i just rev the engine. I am used to driving an accord 4 cyl. Is this a normal sound or could something be wrong.

He says that list price for a ford pump (which i want) is 657.35 and that the dealer charges him more than Repair pal says it should be sold at retail for. He further says that a shop that can honor that price is probably selling inferior products or cutting corners elsewhere. Care to comment?

Intermittent, usually after motor is warm

when air or heat is turned on in the rear of car there is a constant clicking noise it is coming from the passanger side of suv back in third row vent area, what is this . make it stop

I want to be able to pull a fuse out during the night sui no can start my car

My kids are taking my keys while I sleep and joy riding

keeps blowing out when replacing it with a new one.

Just replaced thermostat and radiator overflow cap

Replaced switch still won't come out of park. No brake lights.

Car drove fine had been parked for 5 days. Started yesterday engine shoke the entire car - made loud noises. Shut up. Started again same thing - car was rocking and acted like it would run. Turned off again and a stream of oil gushed out from under the engine. Any thoughts?