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The sensors have been tested good, reset module but abs and trac lights come back on. What would it cost me to have this replaced and programed?
Thank You

It happens while driving and sitting in park

My check charging system is on, I've went to auto zone had them check i was told the battery was at 84%, and my alternator was great. About two months ago the alternator was replaced. Also when I press on the breaks the interior lights go dim, along with my rear view camera works when it wants. Would you please point me the direction of the problem. Also the vehicle turn off on me as i was parking the vehicle. Which last week we changed #1,4,5 coral plugs. Was not advise to change the spark plugs which will be done today. please help. thank you

..brake and turn. I have had new brakes, rotors, and wheel barrens. Its still grinding and I feel it in the brake pedal also. Now my abs light and traction light comes on. It has also started to hesitate when I try to push gas now, and won't go at all. Then sometimes the abs light and traction light comes on and will start to go. I'm afraid I'm going to pull out and it do that and end up getting in a wreck. Could it possibly be brake booster, or wheel caliber? I have someone who can fix it, but this guessing game is breaking me and last time I took it to ford dealership shop, they charged me so much and fixed 4 different things, but the main problem wasn't fixed and I was out of almost $800 for nothing!

It is a constant flutter while driving and hesitates on tale off. No engine power at all. Is it the plugs?

Happens when hot or cold,cranks back immediately. Replaced fuel pump,coils & plugs,newer battery & alternator. Dealership & others cannot find issue.

Tells me a door is open constantly, tells me tire pressure is low, that's always checked.

It take 10 to 20 minutes to fill.

I was heading home 2 days ago and suddenly I began to smell a burnt odor inside of the truck, I believe my windows were down, so at first I thought that the smell was out on the road. But it continued all the way home. I didn't drive the next day. But 2 days later the burned smell reappeared. Its not a sweet smell, so that rules out an antifreeze leak, its not a burning oil smell, I checked under the car and there was no leak or smell. No smell coming from the engine bay either. I then checked to see if my brakes were producing the smell, nothing. The only thing that I noticed is that the smell might be coming from the vents. Any ideas? I read that it might be related to the heater core, but I dont understand this as I haven't turned on the heater in many many months, just the ac. Perhaps a short somewhere? There is no check engine and the truck otherwise runs fine with no other sounds. Im not sure how to troubleshoot this.

My rpm read 4000 when running. Weather sitting still or going 70 it always reads 4000. It goes to 0 when turned off.

we wrote down numbers to the old computer that was in our vehicle, and then we were told that computer was bad, so we was charged for a new computer and for labor which was very expensive, the vehicle did the samething 2 weeks after getting vehicle back, so we checked the numbers on the computer and they are the same as what was on the old one that was supposably removed.

All fuses, relays are good ,safety switch in the back was not triped,all wiring looks good .pump will not come ,need info on what I should check next before saying new fuel pump is bad, that a lot work replacing pump again if I don't have to.