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Sunroof, inside the truck that slides on a bracket, the bracket has come disconnected what do I have to do to reconnect the bracket to the door
break lights staying on and left signal and hazard lights not working right signal working but they all work when key is on an engine not running do not work when engine is running
wont start unless accelerator is to the floor,
it not skipping when in neutral but when you engage to drive or reverse the car barely moves I dont hear no metal on metal noise and the transmission isn't slipping I want to know some causes of this?
My air worked fine. I changed the heater core out due to a leak. After assembly, the front only blows hot air, whether on hot or cold. Compressor is comming on. The black box under the passenger side dash gets cool/co...
When I start the car, the blower does not blow out the cold air from the air conditioner.The air conditioner gets cold but the blower doesn't work.