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I replace my 2 coil and spark plug with new stuff . 2 days later saying 2 still miss firing. What's the problem ?
Alternator appears to be going, how much to replace it.
It was wrecked, can you give me a rough estimate of parts and labor to fix: a broken spindle and replace rack and pinion. I know its vague, just need a general idea.
As we were driving down the road, the truck suddenly just went into neutral. I tried shifting into lower gears and it the engine still remained in neutral. The truck shut off after a few seconds of coasting. Once I go...
May I proceed without venting the AC system? Is this model year engine especially difficult to remove? If so why? I've rebuilt several engines and reinstalled them at my home, but I a not a mechanic.
Suv makes a grinding noise when Iam going up a hill, but not on flat ground or downhill
already replaced it but still not able to turn on. please help me with the proper instal
i know its under the hood on passenger side i think on a heater hose but no clue where
Both window switches don't work on the door and they don't work at the driver's switch control panel.