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How do I replace the ABS Brake sensors in the Excursion. Is the a sensor located in the differential ?
It ran well until the last time I used it... What should I do to get it started and start using it again?
i dont know what the deal is you can have it in park and rev. the motor up and it wont do it put when you put it in gear it will start skipping is it possibly the trans is starting to go out or a sensor or something l...
is ther a fused wire in the system that has blown or what else could be the problen will not charge battery after replcement of alternator
we have a 2000 limited excursion and are having trouble with it starting. The gage panel is completely flatlined, the motor will turn over but then it dies. The battery is fine and the fuel is fine. A fuse keeps blow...
After oil change with the dealer, I need to put 1-2 quarts extra every month before the next oil change at 5,000 miles intervals. Is this due to the age of the engine or do I have an oil leak? No oil puddle observed w...
tapping mostly happens after warm up truck has 140000 miles on it and i changed oil religiously sinceday one i am the original owner spark plugs have 30000 mls on them other than the tapping it runs strong it will tap...
Replaced transfer case motor still no 4 wheel drive
On a 2000 Ford Excursion 7.3L Diesel How long/miles approximately should a set of front brakes last under normal driving conditions in Phx arizona on the above vehicle?
Transmission shifts hard from first to second gear only. Engine has 200,000 miles on it. Any solutions.
When it is shut off and parked sometimes the running board lights along with the radio and interior lights will just turn on and drain the battery. this normally happens when it is wet out side.