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The car stops sometimes at when waiting at a stoplight. The engine will cut off, the dashboard lights will come on, and when I turn the ignition back on it starts again. My fans in the car will stop and start randomly...
I took my car to get a serpentine belt changed and get the transmission fluid and filter changed and now it won't move out of the bay at jiffy lube. It turns on and switches gears but won't move forward when you hit t...
it will be running fine then it turns off
the air conditioner doesn't work and this problem occurs when the fan for either the air cond regular air is blowing. Even when driving I can tell that the engine rev is occurring.
Changed out the regulator, the cluster no longer works new battery and still overcharging
What tools are required for replacing the clutch master cylinder
rain leaks in on the passenger side, it comes in right over the blower fan
When I tighten them down it will not run, if they are loose where I can hear them it runs?
Also, my car cuts off when I start it. Sometimes it runs, then cuts off when I stop at a light. Please advise
can it be the stop light switch? how do i find where the short is?
fan comes on when I turn on the AC but stops after a few min. and then the high pressure spits freon out the back of new compressor. then i'm low on freon again. The fan motor does not get overly hot. So I'm thinkin...
where can i find the Blower motor resistor and the blower motor switch in the car to replace.
why wont my heater work new fuses new blower clean grounds full of coolant all the controls are hooked up but blower wont come on