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the cv axle sperated boot from knuckle the knuckle stayed in the gear box and i think it did damage to the flywheel it sounds like a rod although i know it is not so
check other sources for oil leak they're good, such as oil filter. oil is coming out about a quart within a day or so.
When I turn on the AC it goes a little from the vents by the windshield, but not out of the regular vents. It still feels cold when I put my hand over those "defroster vents" or whatever they are, so the AC still work...
It seems this condition gets worse with stop and go traffic, Have replaced all electronics on engine except computer
Checked spark using tester at plug good spark Checked for broken timing belt- cranked engine over saw valve springs operating Sprayed starting fluid before throttle body, didn't attempt to start Checked fuses, noth...
ard time getting wrench on it
I am thinking of purchasing a 1997 Ford Escort but when I turn on the air conditioner, the air smells mouldy.
I changed the hoses cause they were corroded. But that wasn't it, so what needs to be done. Diagnosis test said valve may be stuck. Which valve and can I fix it before replacing It?
The tail lights still don't work. Both bulbs are fine.
It seems like it takes a very long time to get up to 55 mph when I pull out on the highway I live by. It's so slow that I have to wait until there is nobody coming before I turn out to the get on the highway. Car se...
It cools down when idling. What could be wrong? Problem also does not occur until car has been running for a while.
after warming up it stalls but starts up again, no power after starting
after sitting over night or for long enough to cool down the engine is very hard to start and keep running till the engine warms up. to date the fuel pump and pressure regulator have been changed in an attempt to corr...