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both sides, car automatic
Update Jan 30: problem with my Ford has been solved: need new timing belt, water pump assembly and some valves were leaking. Much appreciated to everyone who answered my questions as your were spot on with the diagnos...
im thinking the oil is not transferring to where its suppose too but im not sure what it could be
The page above lists 14 reports of oil leaks around or into the distributor of a 95 Ford Escort. Every 95 Escort I've ever seen (and that's a lot) doesn't have a distributor; they use coil packs, which have no connect...
The car does not shift into gear.
while driving on hyway for long stretches throttle stick and speed increases, gas pedal has no response , car engine has to be turned off for vehicle engine to return back to normal operating mode. I have curise cont...
I am having problems getting the old key lock/switch out. I need to see how to do this or talk to some one who knows how to. PS I have a learning disability so if their is something to see I can do it.
Still no change. Engine not overheating. I did not check the thermostat, how often are new ones bad.
the name of the part inside the shifter that houses the spring i know that its a upper and lower part
It is different than the screws used to hold drum in place.