my car won't start in park, And now it seems it won't in nuetral, unless i shift the shifter between nuetral and drive while trying to start the car , what can it be?

Does anyone know how to re-connect the automatic seatbelts on the Escort? Having trouble figuring this one out.

hesitates after running awhile

the engine overheats because fans won't come on. just put used manual trans. in it and now the fans won't come on. checked fans they do work. told need pcm. do I

The black rubber along all 4 windows is pealing off and the black protected rubber on the hood of the car all the metal stip has come off too. I see several escorts with the same problem (1995 excort)Is there a recall on this? if not how much should it cost to have fix and were do I go

Half of my lights are out in my dashboard message center and i got the bulbs i just need to figure out how to get to it help please thanks

Can I change the clutch with out droping the hole sub-frame and motor

Just out of the blue knocking one mile from home drove it home los of power, runs rough,knocking or clatter

I removed and checkede fan motor; it works. I removed and checked thermostat; it works. I exchanged 40 amp fuse with another one; didnt make any difference. I was told that there is a large relay box with the letter Q on it some where on the inner fender well but I cannot locate it. Any suggestions? Where is the Relay box located? Thank you for responding..

What happens when you turn the ignition and it runs for a few and then shuts off? This problem has been going on for about three months now, and everytime I turn the ignition sometimes threw out the day it may just stay running but for the most part it shut off.

blower works, ac is cold, just no heat. car will be at normal temp but still no heat just blows out cool air.

this is the first time the car did this.the ac and power windows just stopped while driving.when i go to work the car just died,it want crank but the igition buzzer works.

my 95 escort just started losing the clutch very fast out of no-where. is it more common for the slave cylinder to go first or the master clutch cylinder?

I only have heat blowing from my vents on my 95 escort. I cant get it to blow from the floor or more importantly the defrost. How do I check the vaccuum line and where is it located?

The driver side seat has two positioning rails that the seat is attached to. The seat is attached by four pins or rivots. The pins are still in place, but one side of the seat is free to be pulled up. How do I replace the pins or can I use bolts to attach to the rail? How do I remove the pins?