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My Escort wagon keeps overheating. I first replaced the heater core because that was broken, and I also replaced the thermostat thinking that may be a quick fix for the problem. When I drove it after the temperature...
warning light comes on should replace the air shock first
The escort 1.9L4 engine an interference engine?
i was driving and the timing belt broke.. it shut off on me and i cranked it and nothing i popped the hood to see and everythin looked good but then i noticed my timing belt broke and when i fixed it i put it back on...
The control lever that allows heat/ac to panels, floor, dash etc is loose and floppy since my son installed a radio. Lever also won't stay where I put it, drifts to the left. This feels mechanical. What can I expect w...
I am removing the engine from a 1995 ford escort 1.9L sohc. How many bolts hold the flywheel to the torque converter? I removed 4, all I can see, but the engine flywheel still seems "stuck" to the torque converter. ...
I am removing the engine from a 1995 ford escort 1.9L sohc. How many bolts are there to remove that attaches the flywheel to the torque converter? I removed 4 but still can not get the engine out.
My heater is not blowing out hot air when the car is sitting still or idling a light you can smell exhaust fumes
transmission won't shift into 3rd gear after clutch assembly,master cyl and slave cyl replaced. the shifter moves but grinds when clutch pedal released.
How do I replace the brake lamp on a 1995 ford escort"
I've looked under the hood where the relays are located in the black box, no relay listed for blower fan only cooling fan. There are a couple relays on the passenger side fire wall, would this be one of them for the b...
i need to know how to take apart the console to get to the neutral switch.
how do I get to It, get to it by way of under the car, or on top of collum and how doI get collum apart?
where is the neutral safety switch located and how do i get to it and how to adjust it?
my car won't start in park, And now it seems it won't in nuetral, unless i shift the shifter between nuetral and drive while trying to start the car , what can it be?