how do I disconnect them as with them engaged the motors run and drain all life out of battery

Within minutes of driving the temp gauge goes to hot zone. No check coolant/check engine light comes on; no "hot" smell and coolant is full. Speeding up and driving longer makes temp gauge go to normal until I slow down again. What's up?

i replaced the hoses on my compressor, not sure how much oil leaked out of hole in old damaged hose, auto part store said compressor needs 8oz of PAG 46 which i have but not sure how much to put in

I replaced both axle shafts and lower ball joints,now there is a vibration when i accelerate and a bad banging sound when i turn the wheel or hit a bump,could the front end need lined up.

how do you get to the power steering pump

Seat beat cord gets stuck and is worn thin-about to break-difficult to use seat belt-please help!

my stereo equiptment has been stolen twice trying to install alarm system adding electric door actuators is my escort pre-wired for door lock sctuators

when i start up the car and has trouble shifing into gears from park into drive and also into reverse. it seems the engine revs really high also going up hills. this has been happening consistantly for a week now

I need to know the torgue specs for putting on new head,
also valve adjustment if any.

Escort stopped on the highway. Turns over but won't start. Was running fine before this. Could it be the timing belt? How much to replace it and what else needs to be done at the same time?

Stopped while running. Won't restart. fuel cutoff light on when ignition switch is in accessory position, but switch is ok. Fuel pump has no start sound. Has spark and fuel injector fusable link is ok. What else to check?

It's manual trans.I changed starter,starter relay,batteryand neutral safet switch

My timing some how got knocked off and i need to know how to put it back in time without having to take it to a mechanic

intermittentently gets hot when car idels then cools-off when going into hot zone.

have no spark, replaced coil,cranck shaft sensor and ignition module per Chiltons repair manual. part store shows a camshaft sensor. where is this located.