Still no change. Engine not overheating. I did not check the thermostat, how often are new ones bad.

any help would be great

I've been told it could be a temperature sensor, fuel pump, fuel filters, the computer? I don't know where to begin.

I went to open the hatch and the handle popped and now it wont move, I think the rod snapped or the handle broke.It wont open from the inside either.

the name of the part inside the shifter that houses the spring i know that its a upper and lower part

the passengerside is receiving power and works fine

lights and other things work. will not crank over even with a jump start from another car. It did jump start a week ago, It lasted for about five starts, then wasn't able to start again.

It is different than the screws used to hold drum in place.

the dash went black and it would not crank over, I had someone give me a jump start and the dash lit up when we hooked up the cables, it started and ran for about 2 mins then died again, I was able to check the alt at that time and was putting out 13.9 volts and the battery checks out good (6 mos old), we tried to jump it again and the same results as before, runs about 2 mins and dies, all the fuses and fusible links are good. any suggestions

i noticed this when i started car i saw a little bit of smoke when i looked under the hood

just put a new belt and everything on it

Hi, my '95 escort has recently had problems accelerating on the highway. It's an automatic and it shifts really hard especially on the first shift. The check engine light keeps turning on and off, so the guys at Checker Auto couldn't get the codes with their machine. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks.

my ac compressor/clutch has no pwer going to the mechanism , the relay is blown i dont know where it is to replace relay ?

now when i have the car in netural and push clutch in and shift into first the car takes off and i still have the clutch in and then it dies, replaced the slave cylinder and bled it, still doing same thing, I'm so confused!!

the check engine light comes on periodacaly, what is the most common reason