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engine runs fine, car has been driving fine, no leaks and trans fluid is reddish in color. drove over a set of train tracks and now car will not move.
The dash light don't work. Checked fuses.
My son bought a 1995 ford escort with a 1.9 engine about a week ago, very clean and ran great. All it needed was some dash bulbs replaced, heater lingage hooked back up and I had to pull the manual shifter back up lev...
i lined up the crank shaft on its marks and the cam shaft on the number one plug mark put timming belt on and turned morter over by hand it went around two turns and stop is something not lined up rite
How do I get the crank shaft and the cam shaft lined up after bad timing belt?
lose power when going up hill
have replaced the spark plugs in wires
Engine lost timing upon initial restart death noise. Towed home, replaced head. Engine runs GREAT except when revving accelerator ticking/tapping noise @ 2k rpm underload and in park. Checked connecting rod bearing ...
tires are wearing on the outside badly, new rear tires & in a month wires were showing. The emergency brake is lossened already in case it was the problem
I need to know the toe in Camber and caster degrees
I am having problems getting the old key lock/switch out. I need to see how to do this or talk to some one who knows how to. PS I have a learning disability so if their is something to see I can do it.
I have replaced spark plugs,wires,also replaced lifters,gets compression with valve train off.Is it possible piston ring is stuck or broken?
other problems will cause it not too start. everything else seems to be ok battery is strong. just need alittle help please. thank you
Still no change. Engine not overheating. I did not check the thermostat, how often are new ones bad.