What could keep starter from getting power?
We have a 95 escort 5 spd with a 1.9 engine. It was working fine then one morning it wouldn't start, no cranking, or clicking of the bendex either. I have headlights, horn, radio and all the fuses tested good. however there's no clicking or any noise from the starter. I changed the fuel filter and it also is priming up every time I turn on the key as it should. I took out the starter and had it bench tested and it works perfectly. I put in a new battery in case the old none was lacking in cranking amps and still nothing. The starter is no working. What else can I check or do to find the problem? PLEASE HELP! Getting desperate here!

my check engine light comes on while i'm driving down the highway and then my car will start to skip and misfire i've already replaced the spark plugs and wires and the fuel filter but the problem still occurs

both sides, car automatic

Update Jan 30: problem with my Ford has been solved: need new timing belt, water pump assembly and some valves were leaking. Much appreciated to everyone who answered my questions as your were spot on with the diagnosis.

Update Jan 29. Local mechanic had a look. Car has power, spark etc. Said can hear timing belt( was last replaced at 170KM, should have been ideally replaced at 270 K, Car is over 300k. Also said at times fuel seems to be getting to pump, other times he doesn't think it is. Also said he doesn't know what tools are used to check the fuel injectors of my car (1995 Ford Escort LX Hatchback)

Tried to start but starts but won't kick over. All fluids, belts are fine. Have lights, power etc. Don't know why it would all of a sudden die and will not start.

im thinking the oil is not transferring to where its suppose too but im not sure what it could be

The rpms don, t drop for a few seconds. This happens while driving or just sitting there and giving it a little gas.

Safety switch