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harness seems to be missing, is it a one spade connector on resistor end and two spade on motor end?
everywhere i took it was told to old for them to check it. don't have the tool. will only check 2000 or newer.what do i do?
none of the lights come on. checked the battery and its good.
When a/c button is pressed the compressor will not turn on
i had the timing nelt slip or wore out , so i changed it , made sure number one was tdc , and the cam was were it had to be with the marks , and started and no spark , so i changed the cam sensor , and still no spark ...
How many miles on average can the engine last before replacement is necessary?
The car was knocking and the idle was real ruff. There was a loss of power as well. I thought it was the timing belt and was not, so I'm going to check the head gasket. What are the torque sequences?
Car working fine all week. Turns over fine. Tried to shift out of parking lot and shifter made LOUD grinding noise with any gear I tried to put it in. I turned the car off. Pumped the clutch, turned back on, tried ...
about the car it has 125,000 on it.needs struts back brakes.should I just junk it?
Replaced starter/solenoid; started car/it shorted out igniyion switch. Replaced ignition switch/shorted again. replaced ignition switch/ install starter button to start car/ works fine. Test drive car auto trans will ...
What's the best price I could get away with on a replacement transmission?
is there a relay that needs to be replaced, if so where would it be located?