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it leaks in the exhaust outtake
the car engine runs rough after heats up. sounds like its not running all cylinders. I keep adding water but it doesn't show me where it's leaking. No water signs on spark plugs.
my radiator has sprung a leak I replaced the radiator with a new one now while car is running the fan is not coming on it only starts to come on while the car is being cranked over them aimmediately stops when the car...
wipers not working, replaced motor and switch, still not working, replaced fuse, still not working, please help
car wont start but turns over. done checked fuses and they are good. poured fuel in the carburetor and it started, I think its a fuel problem. fuel pump doesn't come on, but I checked wiring at the plug in and have no...
I noticed the steering was harder than usual? Harder to turn etc. As I pulled up to friend's place the car quietly just stopped running? This problem happened 3 day's ago. My friend told me he had put a water pump in,...
How do I replace CV axels?
Our 1993 ford escort keeps shutting off when the temp outside is over 80 degrees, runs good under 70 degrees outside. We've changed the fuel pump, the distributer cap, water pump, the fan, the radiator, the spark plug...
cant find the cover that will give me acess to the flywheel bolts
Just overhauled No forward Don't have my Tech manual with me.former Ford Tech. no codes yet.
over. Didn't notice fuel pump kicking on. I may have put the wires onto the wrong battery posts just for a second. Could I have caused a fuse to blow? Which fuse would it be? Something more seious?
The car shakes, and the vibration noise drowns the noise of the engine out. Could the problem just be bad engine mounts?
it will stop accelerating at around 40 miles a hour
i have A 1993 ford escort gt 1.8L automatic transmission it haves a vibration below 10000 rpm for example when you are at a stop light in drive and when you run the air conditioner i have replaced transmission and eng...