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Blinker does not blink
front end vibrates when braking. checked pads and they are still good. stops fine just seems to vibrate and loose when braking over 40mph. not as noticeable at lower speeds.
1992 Escort: The gas tank leaks. Saw that in 1995 the plastic tanks cracked also. Is a warranty still available when such a recall was announced way back? It is dangerous! Otherwise, HOW DO YOU FIX Cracks that dev...
starts and runs fine then dies and wont start. changed the fuel pump and ingintion switch. and plugs ect. please help.
Why is the speedometer needle erratic now? It goes from 20 to80 to50 to35 and so on. I've replaced the cluster a couple of times now and that seemed to fix the problem for a time. Will a worn speedometer cable caus...