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gaugd works till half, then drops to empty
what other vehicle make could i use the raditor out of want to go to the salvage yard and get a used one but to find a 1988 ford escort its hard
car wont start when it rains. i have to put a plastic over the air vent on the hood, close to the windshield. if i dont, the car wont start
The required year of vehicle only went down to 1990 on this page. However my ford escort is a 1986 2 barrel, 1.9 Liter. I just can't seem to find the fuel filter. Hopefully someone can tell me where it is located.
I try to start my car but it wont fire. While cranking the injector sprays intermintently, about once a second. It will occasionally spray constant and it will fire but Dies instantly. I have replaced the fuel pump, f...
where is it located